The Bible-Centered Youthworker Conference 2016: 40 years From Now

In the last couple of years The Bible-Centred Youthworker Conference has, in my opinion, got a lot stronger. I don’t think it’s because my youth work friends are now all over the country and it’s more a joy to see everyone. There was a move to different format a few years ago and and it’s made it a lot more welcoming and engaging atmosphere. Bookings are open for this year, and the two announced speakers are great.

I have no idea if what I’m doing in January allows me to be at this conference, but I’ll be sad to miss it if I’m not.

Links on Depression and Despair

A week ago I got to preach on Psalm 119:25-32 at church. It’s part of a Psalm about clinging to God and his promises in times of deep darkness. You can listen to the recording here. As I was preparing for it Glen Scrivener published thoughts as he preached on Psalm 88 an even darker Psalm. More helpful even than that though, was Mark Meynell posting a deeply honest series about what it’s like to struggle with depression.

Not Your Average Paedobaptism

One of the things I increasingly think is important to get your head round as a youth worker is what baptism is and who God’s covenant people are. I say one thing, because they’re tightly linked. This little article seems a good place to start. What you understand on these issues will affect how you treat children of Christian families significantly.

Job: Children & Younger Youth Worker – St Mark’s Kensal Rise (NW London)

Some friends’ church St Mark’s Kensal Rise are looking for a children and young youth (0-14’s) worker. You can get the –impressively well written– job description here.

Context – St Mark’s is a vibrant, multi-cultural local community church in the heart of North West London with a vision to ‘Live and Share the Love of Jesus’ through worshipping God wholeheartedly, growing in faith continually, loving each other sincerely, leading people to Jesus sensitively and blessing our communities generously. The church currently has a membership of more than 280 people with a Sunday morning service attendance of 150-250, of which 50-80 are children and youth. The role of the ‘Children & Younger Youth Worker’ is to build and grow the church’s ministry to young people ages 0-14 enabling them to flourish as individuals and live out the church’s vision.