The Establishment Paedophile: How A Monster Hid In High Society

The Spectator has a harrowing article on paedophilia and child abuse. It’s worth reading not thinking “oh gosh, there are paedophiles everywhere” but just to realise how hidden paedophilia can be.

Child abuse, like domestic abuse, happens behind the most expensive, salubrious of doors and we need to face up to this. It was the complacent conviction that it could not happen in a nice middle-class suburb that meant Fritzel could go about his hideous double life in Austria with his family in the cellar, unnoticed for so long. At least Fritzel’s house looks like a grim prison-block that allows us to set him apart and view him as a freak. Took, on the other hand, lived in a beautiful, spacious home in Chelsea, surrounded by paintings and books, and was able to blind those around him with the sheer weight of his glamour and assured social status. Many paedophiles can. It is as if a man of intelligence and achievement cannot take the intellectual leap into such darkness. But he clearly can — and has.

Advertising Condoms Before The Watershed

The Teenage Pregnancy Independent Advisory Group has handed their annual report to the British government and among the many pieces of advice contained in it, they recommend altering broadcasting standards so that “positive sexual health messages, including the advertising of condoms, are communicated effectively before the 9pm broadcast watershed”. Guess which headline the papers ran with.

People writing news stories; as good scare mongering as it is, this still doesn’t mean you’re going to see adverts for condom’s before Blue Peter. Also, people writing government reports, you think the young people needing to use condoms are going to stop watching TV at 9pm?

Preaching to Smothered Mamma’s Boys

One of the least talked about devastations in masculine formation is the boy who was not rescued from the bosom of women and initiated into the world of men. Many fathers fail to initiate their sons into the masculine journey which has very damaging, long-term effects. Preachers and teachers must figure out a way to initiate these men into kingdom mission.

Preaching to Smothered Mama’s Boys

An Update On The Governments Strategy On Youth Crime

Going to visit stabbing victims is out (though was apparently never in), more community based solutions are in. On top of this, the Mirror reports everyone caught carrying a knife is going to have to do 300 hours community service in bright white jumpsuits on a Friday and a Saturday night. I’m not sure where they evidence their 30 week plan for no social life from, but I’m sure it’ll have a chance to roll out before someone changes their mind.

Adults give young ‘bad example’

Alas, not from Sir Alan Sugar, but from Sir Alan Steer, a head teacher about to publish a report on tackling bullying:

Sir Alan [Steer] told the Guardian: “It’s connected to a violent sub-culture. But we bear some responsibility. Sometimes as adults we don’t model the behaviour we would want youngsters to follow. We live in a greedy culture, we are rude to each other in the street. Children follow that.”