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I started writing this website in July of 2008 because I hadn’t found the website and youth work and ministry and Jesus that I wanted to read. There is a lot of good stuff on the internet about youth ministry and about Christian ministry and the gospel that I wanted somewhere I could link to it from. There’s also plenty to be said about youth ministry and I wanted somewhere to write it down. Those are still the two ingredients that make up this website; links to other things with a few lines of commentary and long articles about youth ministry. And occasionally stupid jokes. And sometimes photos I’ve taken that I’m particularly taken by. And sometimes things that have nothing to do with youth work. But generally links and articles on youth ministry. This website is unashamedly gospel-centred and Jesus focused. That’s because Jesus is always better, and the gospel is always better news, than what we can imagine. Also, being in the UK means this site probably has a UK feel to it.


My name is Mark Walley, I’ve be doing youth work in all kinds of contexts for the last 13 or so years. I’ve been a Christian since I was little and have grown up through a few different churches (all Evangelical, mostly Anglican or Baptist). I’m married to someone called Alice, who is wonderful.


You can contact me at feedback@iamsparticus.com or get hold of me on Twitter

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You can follow along at home to the website via its RSS feed, @GroveOnFire which posts new entries to Twitter, or just by coming back regularly. Comments are welcome, but not on the actual website. E-mail me, or send me a message via Twitter and I’ll reply. Write something good enough and I’ll link back to it.


All the content on this site (unless otherwise noted) is licensed under a Creative Comments Attribution Non-Commercial license. That means If you want to use anything on this site for anything non-commercial then you can without asking as long as you refer or link back to the original somehow. If that’s too much of a pain, drop me an e-mail and I’m surely I’ll waive it.
As with all copyright notices The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.