The Grove Is On Fire 2.0

Yesterday The Grove Is On Fire ran an increasingly fragile engine, slowly tearing itself apart under the weight of the Internet. It sufficed to get text from my computer to the internet, but even that simple action was fraught with peril. How many blog posts went unpublished as they were swallowed by rogue lines of code?

Today I razed it to the ground and built this instead, running on new software -software I don’t fully understand but  work. Imagine ripping out your cars increasingly janky tape deck and installing a touch screen display with all the options. You know how the tape deck works even as it gouges your copy of “Now That’s What I Call Music 38”, you have no clue how this touchscreen works and what it can do, but it’s definitely better.

In consequence this site has lost its older layout and some links may no longer work as well. Bear with us and let me know if you find anything terribly broken.

I aim to keep posting the same kind of stuff I’ve always posted. Youth ministry, Jesus, the gospel, that kind of thing. More on that tomorrow though.