Like Forgetting How To Ride A Bike

Watch as Destin Sandlin of Smarter Everyday tries to learn to how to ride a bike, with the handle bars reversed.

There are two learning points from this video.
First, doesn’t riding that bike seem easy? Just turn the wrong way! Yet clearly it isn’t remotely easy. We know how to do it but as Destin says, knowledge is not the same as understanding. We learnt how to ride a bike at a young age and spent years reinforcing that behaviour, and now to change that habit and let it sink down into our actions is really really hard. If this is true for riding a bike how much more is it true for the sinful patterns and thoughts we engage in. If we grow up thinking we’re lord of our own life and then come to know that Jesus is lord, our actions will take time to catch up. We’ll need to repeatedly be reminded again and again that Jesus is lord and train ourselves to live out that truth. It’ll take a long time.

Second, check out the guys enthusiasm about stuff. You want to watch more of his videos and learn because he’s so enthusiastic it makes you enthusiastic. Enthusiasm is contagious. So if you’re teaching stuff you’re not enthusiastic about, or listening to young people who you aren’t enthusiastic about it, it’s going to show through.