Bishop of Truro “Young People Misunderstand References to Devil”

In this week’s General Synod debates the Bishop of Truro Timothy Thornton stood up in defence of new alternate baptism liturgy that removes reference to the devil by saying this; “Those who work with young people give consistent advice that references to the devil are likely to be misunderstood in today’s culture.”

It may surprise you to find I agree with the bishop whole-heartedly. Somehow, in today’s world, people who come into the church don’t understand who the father of lies is. It’s almost as if the devil is a great deceiver and people by nature listen to his lies! If only there were some people in place who could spend time with the young people or adults before they got baptised who could teach them the truth about these things! Maybe we could arrange for some trained and licensed church person to meet up with them and teach them the meaning of baptism and the Christian faith before hand? That’s a big ask I know, but maybe it would work? I mean, if we did that it might mean we’d have to not baptise some people who didn’t actually want to learn what the church believed, but I don’t know, that might not be the end of the world?