The Illuminati and Jesus Christ

So, apparently secret devil worshipping companies control most of the energy drinks on the market. Having had the misfortune of drinking some of these, I can see why you’d think that but it’s probably not true. The illuminati does not secretly run the soft drink companies. I’ve got good reasons to believe they also didn’t fake September 11th, give the Queen Mother her remarkable long-life, and ensure the end of Britney Spears pop career. But have you ever tried persuading someone who really believes in this stuff that the illuminati don’t exist? You can’t.

I’ve speculated as to why conspiracy theories are so prevalent among young people before, but I’ve not thought too much about how to tackle it. My approach has been to laugh about it and tell them why they’re wrong. Clearly a winning approach to any argument. But I was re-reading “Roland Allen’s Missionary Methods” and came across this quote about idols and spirits;

“…In heathen lands it might still perhaps be the wiser course to preach constantly the supremacy of Christ over all things spiritual and material, than to deny or deride the very notion of these spirits. Some of our missionaries know, and it were well for others if they did know, that it is much easier to make a man hide from us his belief in devils than it is to eradicate the belief from his heart. By denying their existence or by scoffing at those who believe in them we do not help our converts to overcome them, but only to conceal their fears from us. By preaching the supremacy of Christ we give them a real antidote, we take to them a real Saviour who helps them in their dark hours.”

Maybe the illuminati is real. Christ rules over them. What harm can a shady cabal do against those who have Christ as their brother on the throne? Christ is supreme over all governments and rule, whether seen or unseen, physical or spiritual, satanic cult or satanic devils.