Bring Back the Holy Kiss

This wonderful article could also be entitled we don’t touch each other enough in churches. And she’s totally right. Real tangible implications for your youth and children’s work. For what it’s worth, it’s this kind of reasoning that means our child protection policy doesn’t say “don’t touch children”[1] but instead says something like “all contact must be public, appropriate, and with a clear purpose that benefits the child”.

1 Another reason is you can’t not touch children when working with them. The youngest child needs picking up when they fall over, the ten year old needs to be high-rived when they finally score a basketball, the oldest teen need pushing over when you’re jostling in football (alright, maybe don’t need, but you get the point). If you blanket ban touch, and your leader shows a young person how to hold a table tennis bat properly, do you discipline the leader? Policies have to be enforceable.