The Letters Of Saint Athanasius Concerning The Holy Spirit to Bishop Serapion – CRB Shapland

A long time ago, a guy called Saint Athanasius wrote a bunch of letters to a bishop called Serapion concerning the Holy Spirit. He wrote to defend the divinity of the Spirit against some people who denied He was truly God. These letters were finally translated into English and published in 1951 by a man called CRB Shapland. Alas, a year later Shapland died and though the book had a reasonably large publishing run it never got a second edition. When the publishing company shut down a few years later all rights transferred back to Shapland’s estate. If you wanted to get hold of a copy and you didn’t have access to a theological library, your only hope was a scan of dubious copyright on the internet.

Hooray then that the family of CRB Shapland have very generously decided to give permission to release the book online for free distribution! Below are three (THREE!) different versions of the same text, for all your different compatibility needs (I have the original as a .pages file as well if people have need to edit):

Take, read, enjoy.