Bookstalls For Camps

Both the Good Book Company and Ten of Those have bookstall systems ready for your summer camps. You get the stock you want at a discount, you sell what you can and return the rest, and then they invoice you the final amount. I’ve no idea which of the two is better, but both are good trustworthy companies, so either way I imagine you’re fine. Three suggestions on what books to stock:

  1. Stock bibles. It’s amazing how many young people don’t have a Bible or want to buy one for a friend. Stock the ESV Study Bible as well.
  2. Stock biographies. Stock copies of one or two missionary biographies. Something like “God’s Smuggler” by Brother Andrew or one of Mike Reeves’ biographies of Christians in particular eras. These books are easy to read because they’re narratives, and deeply edifying because they show us what God has continued to do through weak men and women who’ve trusted in him.
  1. Stock things that’ll stretch your young people. Don’t just pick from the youth and children’s sections. Pick books that they’ll take their time over. Pick a reference book that they’ll come back to (e.g. Wayne Grudem’s Bible Doctrine) time and time again.