The Noah Movie’s “Creation” Story

I haven’t seen Noah, and probably won’t till it’s on Netflix or whatever, but it’s nice they’ve released Noah’s retelling of the creation story of Genesis to his kids for free viewing online. A few thoughts;

1) It’s beautiful. HD and decent headphones and it’s just wonderful.

2) It handles the tragedy of sin as a proper tragedy. It doesn’t underplay what it causes.

3) It’s not entirely accurate. If you remember your story from the bible (or just look it up) Day 3 is plants and stuff and Day 4 is the sun and the stars and the moon. I guess because it’s trying to fit the six days creation story and the 13 billion year evolutionary creation story together, they have to have the sun appear before stars and the sky. An alternative way of getting round it if they were desperate to keep the 13 billion year version would be to have the clouds part on the fourth day and the heavens appear to those on the earth.

4) Adam and Eve are depicted heretically. I know that’s strong language, but I think it is. Adam and Eve pre-fall aren’t angelic beings of light, with no distinguishable features glowing with spiritual energy. They’re humans. Proper, flesh and blood humans. Yes, they’re not marked by the fall, and yes, were we to see them now with the naked eye we’d weep and cower because of what we had lost, but they weren’t angels. The reason that’s a heresy matter, is because it slips into the gnostic notion that spiritual is good and physical is bad. When they were in Eden they were beings of light and now they’re sinners they’ve got flesh. That’s not the Bible. The Bible is Christ is a risen human being. Risen flesh, redeemed and restored. A new heavens and a new earth. No separation between spiritual and physical.