Paris Brown and the Twitter Debacle

Some links on Paris Brown, the seventeen year-old deputy youth police commissioner who stepped down before she was appointed due to comments she made on Twitter. For those who aren’t aware of the story here’s the background.

Rather bizarrely both Conservative Home and the Independent agree that the idea was a pretty dumb one in the first place. I don’t buy entirely into that, but certainly it doesn’t seem the best way of getting young people involved in the crime and policing process.

Then there’s the actual Police commissioner who said that, well, y’know, young people say terrible appalling things online, so it’s hardly surprising that this one has. Which is true, but only the whole truth if you eliminate the word ‘young’ from the sentence.

I’m not sure what the grand conclusion of this should be. Thoroughly background check people before you employ them? Teach young people not to express dumb thoughts so publicly? Periodically delete all your online media presence?