Social Media and Being Hard

A lot of youth violence happens because it’s been escalating for days out side of real life. One of the things with Blackberry Messenger and Facebook (and less so Twitter) is that it allows people to be hard and tough to someone immediately without having to back it up with actions. You can call someone out as all sorts of evil things knowing that you’re a mile away.

But then when you see that person later on in the street, you’ve now got to choose to act on your threats or back down and be seen as a coward. It’s easy to threaten to shank someone the next time you see them on BlackBerry Messenger but then when you do see them what are you going to do? Probably that time nothing, but then later on Facebook you’re going to send them a message telling them how they’re lucky you let them get away with it this time. Then they’re going to call you something like “coward” but much ruder. And then you’re going to tell them something like “I’ll stab you in the neck next time” and then next time you see them… now you’ve got to decide what to do.