Read The Bible In 120 Days

I should have mentioned this more than 30 minutes before it started, but some people at our church and others around the world are going to start reading the Bible through in 120 days as of tomorrow. There are details, a reading plan, and a kinda F.A.Q. thing online. I was part of the trial group where we attempted to read through the Bible in 90 days. I didn’t quite make it, I would have finished Revelation and Ezekiel in the next week or so if I wasn’t restarting to stay in sync with the church group. I’ll write up some frequently asked questions as we’re going through, some of which are already answered on the website, but the first one I’ll answer now: Isn’t this really hard? No. It’ll take about 40 minutes of your day if you read slowly and think over it. Think how many things you currently spend 40 minutes of your day on that you don’t need to nor enjoy doing. It’s much better than that.