Shorts Day 2012

Today, the 29th of March 2012, I Mark Walley, am wearing shorts for the first time this year (excluding when playing in football matches). This makes it for the second consecutive year I have set a new shorts record. It is also the earliest date by a massive 10 days. The longer I do this for, the harder it is to make jokes about proving global warming from bad statistics.

Year Date Location
2012 29 March London
2011 8 April London
2010 20 April London
2009 21 April London
2008 26 April London
2007 14 April London
2006 4 May Ipswich
2005 No Data Available Ipswich
2004 16 May Ipswich
2003 7 June Ipswich
2002 17 August Ipswich