Book Review: One To One Bible Reading

One-To-One Bible Reading – A simple guide for every Christian is a book by David Helm on reading the Bible one-to-one with other people. Well, I say a book, it’s more like a pamphlet. It clocks in at a total of 103 pages, but 22 of those are appendices and another 43 are tips and tricks in how to understand the Bible a bit better for when you read it. There’s really only 38 pages of content on why you’d read the Bible with someone else and how you’d go about doing that. This review will probably take longer to write then it did to read the book. And that’s a really good thing.

You believe the Bible is a good thing right? You hold to 2 Timothy 3:14-17 right? “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for…?” And you believe that reading the Bible with other people is a good thing right? Good. You then don’t need a book that goes into 400 pages plus footnotes to prove that to you. What you need is a book that says “really briefly, here’s how to read the Bible on a one-to-one basis” and this is entirely that book. It’s the book that you’ll be lending to other Christians to encourage them to do one-to-ones with your young people. It’s a book you’ll probably gain a bit from too. I do a one-to-one at least once a week, plus some other stuff and I read it and I think there are things I’ll do now to improve the one-to-one’s I do. It’s got nothing particular about reading the Bible with young people, so you’ve got no help thinking through the specifics of child protection issues and anything else, but you should have that thing covered in your policies anyway. In short —as befits this book— this is my new book to lend to people to get them to read the bible with other people. It’s worth the £5 it costs.