What’s The Best Village To Camp On At Soul Survivor?

After last year’s amazing cut out and keep How To Find a Shower At Soul Survivor I thought I’d continue giving useful advice. Not that there is much more useful advice after “how to find a shower” but I feel my ten years of helping run the thing shouldn’t go to waste. So, on to today’s thorny issue: What’s the best village to camp on at Soul Survivor?

The best village to camp on at Soul Survivor is the one you’re given. Seriously, unless you want to spend hours queuing up on Day 1 –while your group sit on their packed bags in the rain– on the incredibly unlikely chance that Information will be able and willing to find you an empty enough village to move you on to just because you’d prefer another one, then just settle with the one you’ve got. However, if you are coming to Momentum where you do get to choose your own village this advice may come in useful. Also, if you do have a serious concern (disabled access, allergy to certain sorts of trees, phobia of cows) then you can let Soul Survivor know in advance and they will sort you out. Fill in your booking forms accurately and everything works better. Now, that said, what is the best village to camp on at Soul Survivor?

No village is terrible. In fact, they all have their advantages. What you’re aiming for is the sweet spot between being close enough to be able to walk in easily without being so close that you’ve got loads of noise and disruption and between having enough space to throw a ball around while not being so remote that there are no facilities and between being able to find your village at night and being able to get to and from your village on arrival and departure day. If you and our young people really want space to play, you’ll have to suffer the longer walk from Pink and Silver, and if you want to be near the action you’ll have to suffer people trudging past your tents on the way up to Brown 6 in the earily-ish hours.

Given that, here are the pro and cons of each village:

PINK and SILVER: While being at the dog end of site and miles from anything are nice and quiet, have large open spaces to play games and feel like you’re properly in the country. You can also get on and off them on arrival and departure day.

BLUE: Regularly floods (especially 8&9) and the geese on the lake can be really noisy. But then it does have it’s own lake and a good selection of shower blocks, and very handy access to the centre of site. It is also the easiest village to direct people or find if you’re lost.

ORANGE: Has the most interesting features including a windy gravel road, a show ring, and a stream. It also has great facilities, and a handy location for most stuff, though the worst traffic on arrival and departure day.

PURPLE, GREEN, and RED: Are the new build of semi-detached houses of site. There is nothing great about them or particularly endearing (although Green 9 and Red 2 have their charms) but also nothing bad about them either.

BROWN: Is the most mixed village. Brown 5 and 6 are pretty cool if you want out of the way seclusion and the world’s least functional basketball court. They have nice remoteness while still feeling intimate. Also they’re a great place to be if you’re going to walk off site to the pub one evening. Brown 1-3 are probably the worst villages on site though, with failing water and bad access. Great hedge though.

YELLOW: Is almost entirely mythical. No-one ever ends up on Yellow that you know of. It’s like the Hufflepuff of site, it exists but you’ve never heard it do anything. Apart from that one guy anyway, and Voldemort killed him.

GOLD / PUMICE / VOMIT (I forget what we’re calling them this year) are fantastic for the big top (in which other village can you listen to the main talks while still in your sleeping bag?) but do have rubbish water supplies. And flood a bit. And still don’t quite feel like they’re actually part of the rest of site.

If I was forced to choose, where would I camp? For me, I’d probably pick Red 1, or Orange 6 or 7. It’s got the sweetest distance to seclusion to facilities to not going to get your tent washed away in a storm factors.