The Death Of A Loved One

Amy Winehouse is dead. How, we don’t yet know. It’s unlikely it’s not linked somehow to her history of alcohol and drug abuse. It’s sad and horrible. Death is a curse that is on all people and it is an evil and wicked thing. It hits us even more when the person who dies is young and talented. “She had so much and it was wasted!” we cry “Why did she throw away all the great things she had?”. But is that not exactly it? Amy Winehouse achieved fame, musical success, love, and money and yet found that none of those things could satisfy her and give her happiness. And if those lofty things can’t satisfy, those things that are so highly prized that people spend their lives trying to find them, then no wonder she turned to drugs and alcohol. She had achieved everything, and as the writer of Ecclesiastes says “everything is meaningless”. To say “if only she had learnt moderation” or “but look at all that great stuff she had” misses the point. Why learn moderation if the end turns out the same anyway? Is it not better to find out that life is unsatisfying while you are young than to find out after years of striving? Why should she cover up the emptiness of it all with empty moderation? Why not burn out? Why waste your life and breath of things that you know will never satisfy you? As if having all the things of this world could have made her happy! If only though, if only she had known not of moderation, but of Jesus! Jesus who satisfies and feeds and gives us true joy and lasting delight.