Coffee Shop Review: Scandinavian Kitchen

This is a review of the coffee shop, Scandinavian Kitchen. I don’t normal review coffee shops on this website but then coffee shops aren’t normally the best coffee shop in Central London. Also Becca Dean normally reviews coffee shops, but she’s away, so I’m doing one. Here is my review: YES. That is my full review of it, because my review of it can only be entirely positive and that is one word that Is entirely positive, unless it is answering the question “this is bad news isn’t it?” but it’s not, it’s answering the question “is this the best coffee shop in London?”. That written, it is not above criticism, and so I have helpfully outlined some pros and cons of the Scandinavian Kitchen. To make this list especially authentic I outlined them while sitting in the Scandinavian Kitchen procrastinating from trying to write something for this blog. Ironically this is now something I wrote from a blog and “why your open drop-in youth club sucks” will have to wait for some other time.


  • Great Scandinavian contemporary indie-pop music playing on the radio. Also a surprising and welcome lack of ABBA and Ace of Base, and an adoption of those Icelandic bands you should like without over playing all the Sigur Ros songs the BBC use to soundtrack their nature programs.
  • Good coffee
  • Great cake
  • Slightly insane lunch menu including lots of smoked and raw fish (this could conceivably be in the Cons list)
  • Handy if you work and live where I do.
  • You can buy Scandinavian groceries if you’re the sort of person who is into that.
  • Has war room downstairs, great if your planning to take over Soho and / or Bloomsbury. Also good for reenacting crucial scenes from Dr Strangelove or any Cold War movie.
  • Smug satisfaction that you support a local independent coffee shop


  • Ambiguity over Scandinavia. I assumed the argument is whether Denmark is Scandinavian or not but apparently it’s over Finland. The Scandi Kitchen doesn’t help resolve this question
  • Renewal of that embarrassment you normally only get on the continent when you explain you can only speak one language
  • High stools slightly wobbly and bad for posture.
  • Only one nice sofa
  • Arrogant self-satisfaction that you support a local independent coffee shop