Capital Youth Workers Training Lunch: Partnering With Parents

I’m going to this training lunch thing, run by the good people at Capital Youthworks (who inexplicably think youth work is one word). You should come too. Blurb below:

Partnering with Parents: How to honour Jesus while working with the parents we face

Friday 17th June in St Andrews Church, Central London

(How to find St Andrews )

This term we’ll be joined by Alan Withchalls who is going to help us think through the issue of working with parents.

We all know that we should work with parents to help them pastor their children. However, while some of them are dynamite parents who weave the grace and good news of Jesus throughout their family lives, others are simply a drain on our energy and a constant source of frustration… and even criticism or scorn. In this seminar at the youth worker lunch we’ll be looking at how we can honour Jesus and effectively work with these parents in our ministry to young people.

Alan serves as the Youth & Children’s Minister for the Parish of High Ongar, located in semi-rural Essex, where he oversees a team of 14 leaders and a youth and children’s ministry made up of 30 children and young people. Alan is married to Kirsten and has a 3 year old son called Joshua and a 10 month old daughter called Leoni.

The timings for the morning/lunch are as follows:

10.30am Coffee and Doughnuts
11am Seminar – Alan Witchalls
12.45pm Lunch (provided)
2.00pm Close

Feel free to RSVP to the Capital Youthworks team if you’re coming, but don’t feel you have to.