Job: Children and Young People’s Officer, With the Quakers

So normally I don’t post jobs from Christian sources if the job doesn’t mention anything explicitly Christian. I’ve blogged about this in the past but essentially my reasoning on this is that if your job is that lame, I don’t want to advertise it. Previously I said that, I wasn’t going to let you choose whether it was good or bad for yourself and on reflection that seems pretty harsh on your discernment. That said previously I let you add comments to this website, so it’s not likely I’m totally consistent. Anyway, I’m making an exception for this job because it’s for the Quakers, who I have no clue what to think of anyway, and because if you got it you’d be working next to me. Go for the interview and I’ll take you out for coffee after you and bore you with facts about Euston Road1

Children and Young People’s Officer

Permanent role

Full time: 35 hours per week

Starting salary: £27,796

Location: Friends House, Euston Road, London NW1

For more information: Further details and application pack are available at or contact or 020 7663 1110.

The Children and Young People’s Work Staff Team is part of the Quaker Life department in Friends House, seeking to help Quaker meetings in their engagement with children and young people and offering national events for young people.

The Children and Young People’s Officer is involved in the management and delivery of national events, including playing a key operational role in relation to children and young people’s programmes that take place as part of annual all age gatherings. The post holder also provides support to the provision of programmes for Quaker children and young people locally and regionally.

This is an ideal role for someone with experience of working with children and young people, who wishes to be part of a small team seeking to maintain and develop opportunities for children and young people within the Quaker context.

The starting salary for this post is £27,796 rising to £31.896 with annual increments.

Closing date for applications: 5pm on Monday 6 June 2011

Interviews: Wednesday 29 June 2011

1 I was told once that Euston Road had the average slowest speed of any road in the country. I have never fact-checked this because I don’t want it to be not true.