Institute for Youth Work?

Some groups would like to set up a institute for secular youth work to govern it and make sure it’s all run according to standards. Jon Jolly points out the problems with this. I entirely agree, while worrying that an institute that wants to govern secular youth work will want to have some say over Christian youth ministry. Still, I have solution for this problem. I will humbly accredit every Christian Youth Minister who choses to submit to my guidelines on ethics, policy, and bible interpretation, in return for the payment of £100 per annum per youth worker. That’s right, for only £100 (per annum per youth worker) you get a little badge saying “approved by” and me checking up on your small group every now and again. I’ll probably offer some sort of group discount for large churches and projects, and occasionally I’ll send you round e-mails reminding you of all the hard work I’m doing on your behalf, and that you if sign up early this year you can get 10% off (valid for one year, one youth worker only).