A Follow Up To Christians Reacting

Don Carson has a neat follow up to my thoughts yesterday about how Christian react on the internet to each other. And by neat follow up I mean, hey isn’t it neat that Don Carson, a man much wiser and cleverer than me, happened to write something on the same subject. He tackles what we do with Matthew 18 and the whole “shouldn’t you have gone to your brother in private as opposed to just blogging about it?” thing. Also, while I’m writing of yesterday, I changed the title from “how the internet reacts” to “how Christians react on the internet” because it’s us who do the reacting not the internet so let’s not let it shoulder the blame. Also a friend pointed out that I forgot the stage where the extremes react against the moderates for a while [“you guys lack guts” / “you guys can’t handle scripture” / “if you don’t care about pies, shut up and let us argue”]. He’s right.