How Does the Gospel Apply When: I’m Being Beaten Repeatedly At Table Tennis By A Young Person

I can’t believe I need to say this to you (and me) but youth worker, your worth does not come from your ability to beat a young person at a competitive sport and the mild, guilty, endorphin rush that follows. Here is a fact: You will continually get worse at all sports other than pool and there will come a day when you start to suck at even that. If your worth is found there, then you will die angry, unfulfilled, and unhappy. Instead remember this, remember that you were worthless without Christ, and before Him you had been repeatedly told the lie that in success (even petty, pointless, table tennis against a 13-year-old success) you’d find happiness. Now you are of infinite worth and value because God has adopted you in Christ and given you the value and worth of Him. You won’t get happiness from winning still, but you don’t need to anymore. Remember that now you are freed from the tyranny of needing to win every game, you are free to enjoy playing and losing and playing and winning and playing and getting worse and worse not better and better. Now losing at table tennis (or pool, or even football) can be fun.