Getting Your Kids Through Church Without Them Ending Up Hating God

Getting Your Kids Through Church is a new resource / event / movement / any of the above from Care For The Family aimed at helping parents, pastors, and youth workers bring young people through church without them hating God. It’s in its early stages so not much more information about it exists than that, and so normally I wouldn’t blog about it at this stage, but for the title.

Is getting kids through church without them hating God what we’re aiming for now? Really? Is that the best we can do? I’m sure the intention there is good, and they’ll be useful stuff to come out of it I’m sure. But are we going to settle for teenagers finally leaving home and being relieved that they don’t hate God? And are we going to settle for a church that has to be coped with and gotten through? And yes, I realise their are churches that are terrible, and there are times when parents despair as to how they can get their children to church without them bursting into floods of tears, but the response to that is not to develop a decent coping strategy. How about, we aim for churches which live and teach out the gospel, and so through the Holy Spirit show such love for each other that the young people grow up delighting in God and rejoicing in all that He has given them in Christ. Instead of praying that our children wouldn’t hate God, we could pray that God’s chosen people with God’s Spirit upon them help raise their children to love their heavenly Father.