Top Five Best Cultural Things Of 2010

Cultural things! You know, like things that are part of our culture, like having a top five list of albums, but including films and comic books in there because you can’t be bothered to think of five separate films you saw in the cinema and enjoyed because let’s face it, London prices are really expensive and you didn’t actually see five. Onwards!


It’s a straight-up tie between 65daysofstatic and We Were Exploding Anyway and Fang Island and Fang Island. One is an electronicy rock band releasing an almost instrumental dance album, the other is an electronicy rock band releasing an almost instrumental 80’s metal album. If either of these albums were any more up my street they’d be knocking on my door at 11pm asking me to stop playing them so loudly as they were trying to get their sleep patterns back to normal after that flight in from that gig in LA. Third place goes to Frightened Rabbit and The Winter of Mixed Drinks.

Comic Books.

This is easy, the best comic written last year was Jeff Parker and Kev Walker’s Thunderbolts. It’s still on going. If you buy comic books, you should buy this. If you don’t you probably should buy this anyway. (If you want to start buying comic books and don’t know where to start, then you should probably pick up in paperback format All Star Superman, All Star Batman and Robin, or Ultimate Spiderman Volume 1, depending on which of those heros grab you most.)

TV Shows.

Doctor Who. Though it’s a close run thing, because Sherlock was great, and I’d probably love The Walking Dead, where it possible to buy it in this country, because you know, Zombies! Comic book adaptions! Quality American TV drama! Simon from Teachers!


Scott Pilgrim. I mean it’s an adaption of a comic book about a geek that continually references pop music, cartoons, and computer games. The music was by Beck and Nigel Godrich, and it was directed by Edgar Wright. You know how you occasionally watch a classic film with some guy who is really into films (except he says he’s really into “Cinema”) and they point out all the references made to other great films in that one film? They sample the soundtrack to Zelda and I felt like that guy! I grew fashionable facial hair and starting wearing thicker framed glasses because I could now be that guy!

Computer Games

Pro Evo 2011 is much improved over 2010, and still better than FIFA. Remember, real youth workers don’t allow their young people to play FIFA.