The Lie Of Teen Sex

If you, or your youth watched the Channel 4 show The Joy of Teen Sex yesterday, the Romance Academy has a good response to it. One of the big truths that the shows claim was that the average 16 year old has slept with at least 3 people, which is according to Romance Academy (and a few other people who should know, a lie). From working with young people I agree, it seems to be a lie, though I’d love to see some actual research data on it.

(I’ve seen some stuff positing that the a third of young people have had sex by their 17th birthday, but even that seems slightly high. Also, it’s worth pointing out that the first statistic could be quite misleading. It only takes a few (proportionally) under 17 year olds to have loads of sexual partners to bring the average up much higher. A bit like the average person having less than 2 legs, If four 16 year olds have had no sex, and another has had 5 partners, then the average teenager has had sex with one other person.)