Breaking News: Wikileaks Reveal Youth Ministry Internal Memos

Over the last three days Wikileaks has released a series of confidential documents that discuss some of the most important issues in youth work. Tens of documents have been put online for anyone to access revealing previous hidden truths about the state of youth work across the country. Here are some of the key highlights of the document:

  • June 2009: Youth Minister in Cambridgeshire to her Mother, posted letter. Describes the young people as “brats who don’t know how to say please, thank you, or receive anything with any gratitude” and one in particular as someone who “would complain about receiving a million pounds because it wasn’t enough”.
  • April 2007: Youth Minister in Scarborough to his Minister and Boss, e-mail (multiple). In a series of exchanges states that while the young people voted to spend some of their budget on a new pool table they will have to “deal with the current one as a new one can’t be justified” because the church had just upgraded it’s PA system and the youth worker wanted to take them away to Soul Survivor.
  • March 2010: Youth Minister in Redbridge, to his wife, e-mail. In this message the youth minister states that it’s okay for work to pick up the bill for their lunch in Starbucks as they “were planning the Easter weekend away over it”.
  • Jan 2009: Youth Minister in Llanfair, to his Boss, e-mail. Explaining how he’s borrowing the XBOX for the weekend. “I’m just letting you know so you don’t worry, I’ll pay for it if I break it.”
  • May 2008: Youth Minister to his colleague in a nationwide parachurch organisation, facebook. “I can’t believe I actually farted in the assembly hall. I don’t think anyone herd [sic] it, and only the few kids in the front row seemed to notice the smell. It was deadly though.”

The full effect of these leaks has yet to be felt, however the united youth work federation has issued a preliminary response stating “whoever has leaked these documents will definitely been banned from youth club for the next month, including the trip to Alton Towers. Or if it’s a young person who’s leaked the information, we’ll tell their parents.”

Further reporting to follow.