Accurate Mortality Graphic

Accurate Guardian Mortality Graphic

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The Guardian released a beautiful mortality graph for the UK a few weeks ago, it’s a smart way of showing the data, but it’s highly inaccurate. Their map fails to mention the 189,100 deaths carried out through abortion. This is a revised version.

This data is gleaned from the Department of Health 2009 Abortion Statistics Statistical Bulletin, all the data is online for everyone to view. 189,100 abortions were carried out on behalf of residents of England and Wales. A further 6,643 were carried out on behalf on non-residents in England and Wales. Of these abortions, only 56 were carried out because there was a serious risk the mother would die. That’s not 56%, that’s fifty-six abortions, that’s 0.03%.

The overwhelming majority (97% this year, and similar for the previous 10 years) were for statutory ground C as defined in the Abortion Act of 1967:

the pregnancy has not exceeded its twenty-fourth week and that the continuance of the pregnancy would involve risk, greater than if the pregnancy were terminated, of injury to the physical or mental health of the pregnant woman (section 1(1)(a))

The term “injury to the physical or mental health” becomes a catch-all phrase, covering pretty much any reason. After all, what birth doesn’t come with some physical injury to the mother? What child doesn’t risk the mental health of the mother?

This is horrific. 27.03% of all deaths of residents of England and Wales are of unborn children, carried out where there is no serious risk to the health of the mother. More people are killed in the womb than die of heart disease or are killed by cancer.