CRB Nightmare In A World Gone Politically Correct

A flower arranger at Gloucester Cathedral has been fired for refusing a CRB check. Here’s a good measure in determining whether someone needs a CRB check. Do they come into contact with children or vulnerable adults? If they do, will they either have access to their personal details or be in a position to build up a relationship of trust? No? Right, probably don’t bother then. However also, do you care how old they are, how lovely they are, or how many grand-children they have? No. Do you, as a certain vicar did (warning, Daily Mail version of events) refuse to do a CRB because it’s an insult to how long you’ve been in a post? No. Unless you’re an idiot.

The CRB check is not the be all and end all of staff vetting procedures, proper references, job descriptions, and supervision are all far more important to the safety of children and staff. That said, it is still a useful tool, even if it’s the sort of thing that only comes in handy very once in a while. It’s a bit like setting the alarm on your house when you leave. You do it every day, you don’t really think about it, and it never makes a jot of difference, but when it goes off occasionally it’s pretty handy.