Apples of Gold

Today, I spent a lovely morning in the British Library. It turns out it’s quite handy having every book ever published in the UK within walking distance. The goal of the visit was to finalise a free edition of Apples of Gold (pdf); Thomas Brooks sermon series to young people. It’s a book that primarily deals with the question “why should I bother to be a Christian at a young age?” or as it’s more commonly thought “wouldn’t it be better if I became a Christian on my deathbed, so could have fun in this life and then still get into the next one?” When I first got it, I pretty much abridged large sections of it immediately in a letter I wrote to a young person. It’s great, and you should download it

Also, it’s up here as an ePub file for your iBooks on your iPhone or iPad or as an .rtf file so you can access the source if you want to edit it or use the text in a simpler manner.