The Liberal Threat To Evangelism

Let the words of Roland Allen give you solace when you worry that the liberal church’s lies and misrepresentations of the gospel will threaten the gospel:

Now if with us today the great stumbling-block in the way of our missions is the practical denial of Christianity, the indifference of men of our own blood, who yet call themselves Christians, this violent persecution of St Paul, by the religious teachers of his own nation, must have been a far greater stumbling block.

Missionary Methods, St Paul’s or Ours?

If Paul had such success in mission in spite of the people who claimed to know the Christ the best, and who had all the religious authority and power, then we shouldn’t worry that our evangelism will be hindered by some liberal falsehood about Christ. Not that we should be at ease when someone lies about God; far be it, we should be zealous for God’s name, but will there attack threaten God’s kingdom? No.