MYX – Muslim and Christian Youth Partnership

Launched yesterday, MYX is a “ ‘one-stop shop’ for people who want to help Christian and Muslim young people get together”. I’m not sure I think this is a terribly brilliant idea, but I’m willing to be proved wrong. From the FAQ page in response to the question “What’s the motive of MYX?”

Whilst we each believe that our faith is true and have a desire for people to convert to our faith, we don’t hide these passions, what we call our ‘Heart Felt Desires’ that stay with us whatever were doing. But we recognize that we have different motives at different times and when undertaking different tasks.

Let me explain. When we are working with designers or printers for MYX our aim is to get the work done well for a good price and on time. Whilst we may long for the people we work with to embrace the faith we follow our aim in this situation is to get the work done.
Our ‘heartfelt desire’ stays the same but our motive for this activity is different.
So it is with MYX

When we run MYX events we have clear aims (see section on setting aims) that are about building friendships, being peacemakers and making the world a better place. The aim is NOT da’wah or evangelism.

There’s another important reason why we hold this tension between dialogue and da’wah or evangelism. Most of the Christian and Muslim young people we work with are into both these things before they get involved with MYX. Our aim is not to change their passion but to help them find ways to express it and share it in ways that treats people of the other faith ethically and lovingly. Find out how we worked with The Christian Muslim Forum, help them do that ethically with Ethical Guidelines for Witness.