Is Your Youth Group Accomplishing Anything?

Is your youth group accomplishing anything? ask The Resurgence. Sometimes! You probably reply.

Aside: There is probably a parody article waiting to be written about The Resurgence website, where you start with question or command that accuses you of not thinking through your ministry (Have You Ever Actually Preached? Kill Your Small Groups.) Then throws in a statistic that shows how if you don’t do things properly people will drop out (54% of guys hate instant coffee. 92% of people can’t remember if Zephaniah comes before or after Habakuk) And then proceeds to say something you probably have already thought about quite a bit (Maybe running small groups where people don’t share with each other is problematic) but in a way that makes it seems like this is cutting edge and brand new and no-one else has thought about it. I say that while loving the Resurgence, and valuing the content they put out.