Youthwork Summit

The as much hyped as you can be in youth work circles Youthwork Summit has been revealed today. The blurb says

It’s the idea of creating genuine dialogue between youth workers of all Christian traditions, who talk and pray together to shape creative responses to the challenges of twenty-first century youth ministry. It’s the idea of curating a moment of genuine unity, where theology and ideology is momentarily put aside in the light of the bigger picture.

Which probably sounds either completely brilliant or completely nonsensical depending on how you look at it. It should at least contain large elements of the latter, and if nothing else will get you thinking and meeting other youth workers. I for one therefore, heartily endorse it, even if they should be prosecuted for insisting on spelling youth work as one word.

It’s also happening about ten minutes from my house and my work, so if you read this, you can come around for dinner afterwards. Or at least to the pub.