Top Five Youth Residential Pranks

In the interest of concerned youth workers everywhere, not getting any sleep because of the worry about youth work pranks that might occur over the nights of their residential weekend, here are a list of the best pranks to pull things to look out for. I’m a big hater of all things messy, for me, the simplest ones that require the least to undo are by far and away the funnest.

  • Not Writing On Their Face: Early in the morning, before your friend wakes up, go into their room and remove any mirrors they have. Then leave a note on their sheets on top of their still sleeping body saying “I didn’t draw on your face” (preferably written in thick black marker). Wake them slightly with this, then run off. This works better the further they have to traipse to their bathroom covering their face.
  • Placing Someone’s Underwear On A Tree That’s Slightly Viewable Through A Window From The Room The Talks Are Taking Place In Slightly Hidden So They’ll Only Notice It Halfway Through The Talk: Kinda self-explantory really. Also works besides the football pitch so they don’t notice it till halfway through the match.
  • Happy Birthday: The bigger the camp, the better this works. When everyone is sitting down for dinner, stand up, ring your glass or bang the table and state boldly that it’s a special occasion, and that it’s your friends birthday. Point at your friend, make them stand up, and then get everyone to sing happy birthday to them as they have to stand there and turn red. This only works if it is not their birthday.
  • Turning Everything Inside-Out: Best practiced while your mate is out playing football or trying to chat up that girl. Go into his room. Turn everything inside out. Sleeping bag, coat, trousers, rucksack, go crazy! It’s surprising what you can get to turn inside itself if you try hard enough.
  • The Hoover Manoeuvre: It’s a good thing that all youth camps come equipped with a Henry Hoover for this, the pinnacle of all pranks. Find Henry, detach the nozzle and unwind the cord to its full extent. Head over to the room where your buddy is fast asleep and find the nearest power socket outside their room. Then, carefully! plug him in with the wall switch off, and flick the power switch to “on” on Henry’s body. Get a partner to stand by the wall switch, and then, when he’s ready, with one smooth move push the door open and slide Henry in Ghostbusters style. Your partner hits the wall switch and a trapped, enraged, Henry Hoover explodes during your buddy’s deep sleep pattern.