Hi! Aitus?

Ah summer, the glorious wafts of sausages gently sizzling on the barbecue, the long late evenings, the endless, pointless refreshing of the BBC Sport website as you forget that the season doesn’t start for another four weeks. As well as all the busy summer program youth stuff that happens, I’m using the rest of my time to write up a load of stuff for various long-term strategy papers and that what, some of which will trickle down onto this blog. That’s not including being off to Soul Survivor in three weeks or so, for elevenish days of telling people to tell people what to do1. At the same time as all this, I’m trying to be a bit better about resting in Jesus and not trying to be always with the doing of many things. So, if you haven’t guessed where this is going by now, here is where I tell you; at best, I’ll only be posting occasional links up until September, then it’ll be back to normal. I’ll sort out something with the front page of the site so it cycles old articles up that you might have forgotten about, but that’ll be it for long format content for the next short bit.

1 Which, if you are there, means you should say hello. And then if you’re a youth worker you should ask me to interview you if you’re a youth worker. I’ll be wearing an orange jacket, it’s relatively easy to find me.