Vetting and Barring System Barred Under New Government

Due, it seems, to the ancient tradition of a new government arbitrarily cancelling programs initiated by the previous ruling party, the new vetting and barring system has been temporarily put on hold until a “proportionate, commonsense” system can be put in place. Unfortunately it doesn’t mention the words “fairer” or “compassionate” and so doesn’t score full coalition spin points. This announcement comes at the ideal time, just as the Criminal Records Bureau has printed out thousands of new all-inclusive vetting and barring and CRB forms, and just as hundreds of umbrella bodies have just issued guidelines about how you should stop using the old CRB forms and get ready to register all your new staff and volunteers with the scheme.

Because this is all a massive last minute hash-job, there isn’t much guidance or broader news right now. As for registering people with the CRB though, you should keep doing it as you always have. The current CRB forms will work as long as they are processed by the CRB by the end of July. And the new forms (which genuinely are better, if only because they don’t ask you for things that you shouldn’t actually give them, things like your bank details) will work for processing people through the CRB check from that period. So essentially, if you need to register someone in the next three weeks use the old form, after that, start using the new one.

Update: The BBC has a bit less snark, but slightly more news on the subject. Also, it’s the CRB who deal wit the forms, the ISA just deal with the barring.