Five Questions With Nate Morgan Locke


Top five all-time favourite Colins:

Just to get them out of the way, I’m not going for Murray or Farrell.

  • Colin Patterson: He’s a BBC radio presenter, also does the voice overs for the trailers for Soul.
  • Coleen Rooney: Because she’s still with her footballing husband.
  • Collins Dictionary: For services to the English language
  • Pierre Luigi Collina
  • Colin Powell: For opening up the opportunities for Colins everywhere, and for being the world’s most successful Colin.

What’s your favourite comedy accent:

The Welsh accent. It’s a wonderful and touching accent. It constantly brings joy.

Who do you think won’t win the world cup:

I don’t think North Korea will win the world cup. Probably not very controversial, but probably does mean I’ll never be allowed to visit North Korea.

What’s the worst thing about Christian youth ministry in the UK right now:

The erosion of a biblical view of sin. That undermines the glory of the gospel.

What’s the best thing about Christian youth ministry in the UK right now:

Soul! No, if you put that I’ll have to kill you. The energy and enthusiasm of so many people who do youth ministry because they obviously want it to go so well. And they’re keen to be part of the church, spreading the gospel and part of the local community.