Breaking News: Worship Leader Tranquillised In Chorus Loop ‘Horror’

A worship leader is recovering from being tranquillised by officials after getting stuck in unending loop while leading a church service in Aberystwyth, West Wales.

17-year-old David Evans was leading his first ever full church service on the evening of Sunday 10th May when he began repeating the chorus to popular worship song “The Lord is Gracious and Compassionate”. After two hours of attempts at stopping the run-away song church worship officials were called in who made the decision to tranquillise him.

Evelyn Jones, David’s mother said “David had been preparing to lead worship for a few weeks, and had a great list of songs ready. He led through us through some loud ones, and then some quiet ones, and it all seemed to be going really well, but then after we’d repeated the chorus to the last song for five or ten minutes I realised that David couldn’t find a way of ending the song.”

After David made increasingly frantic eye motions to the worship team Andrew Jones, pastor of the church, stepped onto stage to try and move the congregation into a time of prayer and waiting on the Holy Spirit but this measure did nothing to stop the chorus.

“At one point we thought David had stopped, but by this time some of the congregation had caught the chorus and David started up all over again.” said Mrs Jones “Even when Steve [David’s brother] cut the sound at the back and we got everyone to leave all David could do was stand there and mouth the chorus with his eyes closed.”

Speaking on behalf of the church, pastor Andrew Jones stated “We’re all obviously shocked and saddened at this terrible disaster. David is a talented young man who had led worship in small groups and at youth weekends before. We are co-operating fully with official inquiries as to whether David had received any illegal worship leader training.”

Vineyard Music were unavailable to comment, though this is another blow to them as they face charges of failing to clearly define which parts of a song are the verse and which parts are the chorus. David is currently recovering at home and his family welcome friends and visitors, as long as they “don’t sing those pop songs that just fade out without a definite ending”.