Voodoo, Crack, and Haiti

I love the BBC and all, and the BBC News website and it’s sport sibling are probably my two most read websites, but I’m slightly worried for them lately, as they seemed to have starting smoking crack. Voodoo: What Haiti Needs More Of is not the title of this unhinged article, but it could well be. I’m as exciting by the idea of reading about a religion popularly associated with stabbing puppets and zombies as the next person1 so I can see why it exists, but really? Skipping over the spirit prophecy introduction, the gist of the article seems to be that while Voodoo and its followers has done jack all after the earthquake and Christianity seems to have not only been the basis of a lot of foreign aid but also been the way a large number of Haitians themselves have chosen to respond, Haiti’s emotional and spiritual need would be better met by turning to Voodoo. Obvious conclusion. It does leave you wondering why Voodoo hasn’t stepped up to the plate. Don’t worry though this is not Voodoo’s fault, but rather prejudice from Christians —especially the evangelical— ones preventing them even going near the plate. They’re probably insisting they play a real sport or something. I would rant on about the liberal catholic priest, the ineffectualness of trying to propitiate gods who don’t care or exist, or about the state of the West where we patronise foreign countries for deciding to follow Christianity, but I’ve lost all fire to do so. If you want to read about the Christians’ in Haiti response to the earthquake Marko has some good words.

1 More so actually. Religion? Check. Zombies? Check. Puppets and stabbing? I’m a Christian youth worker living in London. That’s a session plan.