Bible Centred Youth Work

In a hapstance of googling earlier I found this website is second in result when you search for Bible Centred Youth Worker in the world’s least evil search engine. Which is peculiar, because lately I’ve come to realise I hate the phrase. Someone, somewhere else, said something1 along the lines of “the reason we say gospel-centred not Christ-centred is because a Christ without the gospel will crush you” and I want that to be known about the phrase Bible Centred too. A youth ministry that runs off the Bible but skips over the gospel will just crush you and your young people. Obviously if you got the Bible properly you’d get that it teaches you the gospel, just as obviously you couldn’t get Christ properly without the gospel, and so this isn’t a slating of people who use those terms, but we’re dumb as humans, and we find methods of teaching the Bible so we ignore the gospel and pander to our pride and arrogance, and find ourselves teaching of a mythical Christ who has not done quite enough to save us.

1 Google failed me on this one.