Anti-Social Behaviour

In this last month both Frank Dobson (MP, Labour, Right Honourable) and George Lee (Candidate, Conservative, Subject of Cringe-worthy Media Campaign) have sent pre-election letters to my house, both accompanied by surveys asking us to list what is wrong with our area. Both of them single out anti-social behaviour as an ill of society, George Lee going as far to list it as one of the options to choose when I pick my top five most feared crimes. I’m slightly worried by this trend, partly as a youth worker, considerably as a Christian, but mostly as a very anti-social person. If the next government –whoeverthatis– is going to criminalise anti-social behaviour even further then I need to start cutting out the following behaviours:

  • Checking Twitter on my phone over dinner.
  • Only speaking to people I already know at a party.
  • Avoiding making conversation with people in queues.
  • Not always having a shower in the morning.
  • Singing out of tune.
  • Flagging a bus down when you’re the only person at the stop, getting on it, realising you’ve not topped up your Oyster card, and getting off it again.
  • Not following who’s still in Britain’s Got Talent and X-Factor.