Top Ten Albums Of This Last Decade

Have we had ten years of not being able to think up a better name than the Noughties already? I look forward to the Tens and the joy of not having to worry as to whether I should add an apostrophe to the front on 09 any more1. That said, it wouldn’t be a decade without a review of it, and this wouldn’t be a website without an arbitary list of stuff you don’t care about. And while I’ll run down the top ten moments in youth work later, it’s worth pointing out how good music has been this last decade. Here then, in order, are the top ten albums of the zeroties.

  1. The Remote PartIdlewild
  2. Kid ARadiohead
  3. The Vertigo Of BlissBiffy Clyro
  4. The Fall Of Math65daysofstatic
  5. Waited Up ‘Til It Was LightJohnny Foreigner
  6. The Midnight Organ FightFrightened Rabbit
  7. It’s All Crazy, It’s All False, It’s All Dream, It’s AlrightMewithoutyou
  8. The Lost RiotsHope Of The States
  9. Origin Of SymmetryMuse
  1. BustedBusted

1 General rule; stick with 2009. 09 looks like you’ve made a mistake and ’09 looks like you’re running for president and afraid of losing the grammar-nazi vote.