Free Acoustic Worship Central Album

Worship Central has a free worship music led praise album available to download on their website. It has a solid “On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand” on it, which effectively excuses it for anything else it can do wrong, even if they have added a chorus.

1 I feel we should be able to avoid this sort of thing, when someone says in conversation “the worship at the church was…” and someone feels compelled to interrupt and say “you mean the music at the church, because after all, worship isn’t just a yadda yadda yadda…” and the conversation falls into a five minute antagonistic blackhole where people feel compelled to disagree with each other, even though they don’t. Instead we should have a shorthand to get around it, so someone could say “the worship at the church was…” and the other could interrupt “you mean the music at the church…” but then he stops because he’s been interrupted by someone pointing out how deliberately perverse he’s being by the shorthand of putting him in headlock.