CY Filming

CY Filming - 12

I work with someone called Nate, who moonlights for an organisation called Christianity Explored, leading up their youth edition cunningly called CY, which in is definitely the best youth evangelism course I’ve ever used1. Currently, they’re filming a set of talks that can be shown on DVD if for whatever reason the group leader doesn’t want to give the talks. And being the friendly youth edition that it is, they occasionally need young people to be filmed standing around and kicking a ball, because nothing says young people like a football being kicked around. So that’s why on Monday night I found myself watching some of my young people playing football on some awfully sloped bramble covered ground, near breaking their necks every few minutes. And playing UNO Extreme while waiting for them to change the lights and camera around. It was fun, the youth enjoyed it, and they’re excited to be on the DVD, where for one talk they’ll be a fairly integral illustration as one of them kicks the ball over the wall they’re playing by. Which leads me on to the exciting giveaway I’ve just decided to have. If you want a copy of some stuff I’ve stolen from Nate (possibly even CY on DVD when it comes out, possibly just some Wolverine comics from the pile in his bathroom) guess what the point of the illustration that involves young people kicking a ball around at night is. I’ll give you a clue, if you can work out where they are, you’ll find the illustration much easier. Answers on a self-addressed envelope or send an e-mail to mark [at] iamsparticus [dot] com.

1 Youth Alpha, you’re number two. Try harder.