The Good Fight

Matt Chandler is interviewed in Christianity Today about his church, new Calvinism, and grace. Actually, the whole interview is pretty good because it doesn’t concentrate so much on him being this young hip pastor and more on him being a pastor who seems to be doing a decent job. It’s a great interview, but it’d be worth it just for this quote;

“New Calvinism is a young movement, and young people are often arrogant. Life hasn’t had a chance to beat the trash out of them yet. I’ll tell the young people in my sermons, “You can’t get into theological battles while you still live with your mom.” Or, “You can nail your 95 theses to the door once you own one.” Before these 20 year olds begin passionately defending their view of Scripture, I want to see that they are being obedient to it.”

Which is exactly the right thing to say to about half the people I know between fifteen and twenty-five.