My Residential List

A few years ago after a series of different irregular events, I took to making lists of things to remember when that irregular event came around again the next time; the thinking being often by the time the irregular event came around again I’d completely forgotten the few important things I’d learnt from the last time. My list for interviewing people for jobs survives and comes in handy (irregularly), but not my list for things to remember for residential weekends, I can only assume I left it on the last residential weekend. As the first residential weekend of the term is fast approaching, instead of me trying to remember it all I was wondering what you, dear reader, would put on such a list. Here are the things I can remember to get brain-cells started.

  • Bring spare towels.
  • Remember that not all residential weekends need to have a bedtime of midnight, especially when the young people are eleven.
  • Bring malt-loaf1.
  • Bring drinks for the minibus journey.

1 750 grams of Malt-loaf contains all the calories you need for a day, and is the only thing that can compress to a greater density than a black hole.