Is Evangelism Child Abuse?

I don’t agree in whole with everything Tim Abbott says (write in with your guesses as to what and I’ll give you an exclusive e-mail) but it’s a good few thoughts on how to avoid manipulation in youth evangelism.

As someone who has been involved in mission to young people for many (many!) years I believe that any kind of youth event has to have the following features. Advance information should be available to parents and make clear that the event is organised by Christians. Invitations to young people should make them aware that there will be more information about the Christian faith to help them decide if this is for them. I don’t think it’s appropriate to ask young people to make a decision to become a Christian at an event that is highly likely to be their first exposure to the Christian message and, crucially, is outside of any meaningful connection with a community of faith.

That’s pretty much damn straight.