Christian Youth Work Training That To Some Extent Can Be Done At The Same Time As Working In London as a Youth Minister

St Paul’s Theological Centre

Set up by and run in conjunction with Holy Trinity Brompton, offers a Monday morning theology course for people involved in church work. If you pay the university fees it can lead to a certificate, diploma, or degree. Costs £500 up front if you just want the training, not the accreditation though. It also offers ordination training, which I didn’t know was even possible and makes me slightly happy as I generally do when the Anglican church pulls off something right every now and again.

How reformed is this course? More so than you’d think (they’re the only course to quote Calvin’s Institutes on their website).

St Mellitus College

Offer a three year full-time BA in Theology and Youth Ministry, with one day of lectures, one day of studying, and three1 days of placement work. £3,500 a year. Run by Soul Survivor, XLP, and HTB (who seem to get around a lot these days).

How reformed is this course? Well, it’s an Anglican college, but from the HTB and Soul Survivor Anglican end of things. So that reformed.


Offers a Certificate of Higher Education in Youth and Children’s Ministry, a Diploma of Higher Education in Youth and Children’s Ministry and a BA in Youth and Children’s Ministry over 2, 4 and 6 years respectively, which’ll take about 2 or 3 days of your time a week of which at least one will be commuting up to Oakhill (Southgate tube). Can be done full-time in which case half the time you’ll need to complete it. I can’t find the costs anywhere, but they’re probably just hidden on the website.

How reformed is this course? If you’re not at least 4 points then you get shot. If you don’t understand what that is a reference to then you’ll get shot twice.


6 days at various centres over the course of a year (generally on a Saturday)
Very secular youth work based, but that’s what it qualifies you into. It is coming from a Christian background though. £570 for the year and the qualification.

How reformed is this course? Probably not the question to ask.

Kings College

MA in youth work and ministry (Kings College). Quite academic, led by Pete Ward. Requires about 2 days a week for a year, though in reality you can get away with less. It’s £4050 for full time.

How reformed is this course? They’d pick Martin Luther King Jr over Martin Luther but they’d still probably quite like Martin Luther.


Two days a week over two years. Doesn’t give you any formal qualification. There is a youth stream. It costs £615 a term, 3 terms a year. The pinnacle of reformed conservative training.

How reformed is this course? Makes John Calvin look like John Shelby Spong.

The Open Bible Institute

Offers two relevant courses, both correspondence. One is the infamous Moore Course, that trains you in general theology. One or two modules a term, each module has an exam at the end, leads to some qualifications from Moore College (which is in Australia). The other is a certificate in biblical studies and ministry which contains some youth work stuff, and some biblical studies stuff. It leads to a recognised qualification (a Certificate of Higher Education). You can also do the youth work module of that course as a short one-off course. Costs about £1000 for the Certificate of HE and £30 a module for the Moore Course.

How reformed is this course? It’s probably just overtaken Oak Hill, but still not quite as reformed a Cornhill


I’ve skipped out the Oasis Training course although you could theoretically do it while placed at your church or community centre (See also CYM’s degree course based at Ridley Hall, Cambridge or Oxford Youth Works).

1 I say three days, it’s probably more like six, with your studies crushed around them. Same for any part-time ministry and training course.